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Therapy for Adults, Teens and Couples

1. Individual Therapy

Are you interested in Individual Therapy? If so, you may also be interested to know that you are not alone, as 1 in 5 people have sought the help of a therapist to assist with issues such as depression, anger, anxiety, relationship difficulties, mental disorders, IVF treatment, sexual abuse or bereavement. Individual therapy can help you to understand your emotions and behaviour as well as change unwanted or unhelpful coping strategies. It can help to put you back in the driver’s seat.

Common reasons people seek my help – I see a variety of issues but anxiety seems to rank high. I see clients who experience some sort of discomfort, pain or disillusion in their relationships with others or aspect of their own existence. Feelings of depression, anxiety or anger are common and present themselves in ways like, relationship issues, trouble at work, self-harming, OCD, phobia, drinking and drugs issues, inability to cope with change, struggles in parenting, unachieved hopes etc. I am LGBTQ+ affirmative and can support curious or out clients.

Commitment – Individual therapy is a joint effort between two committed parties, the therapist and the client. As a therapist, I will work to support you during the process of change. I will encourage you to discuss emotions and experiences. I will do this with honesty but tenderness and respect. I am not judgemental, so the more honest, the better . In return for my support all I ask from clients is that they attend the agreed appointments, and be as honest with themselves and me as possible.

Goals – Goals vary from person to person, however common goals can be to inspire change to thoughts, feelings or behaviour or to improve the quality of the client’s life. Clients may choose therapy for help with issues that are hard to manage alone.

Why seek help? – Clients seek help for two main reasons. Some part of their life has become too difficult to manage or simply wanting to attain a higher level of self-awareness. I see both types of clients and therapy isn’t just for the depressed.

My client’s report the process being very beneficial and rewarding.

What if I ramble on or cry? – Clients sometimes feel the need to apologise for “rambling” or “crying”, but again, I cannot emphasise enough, that I don’t judge and find this a normal part of the process.

How much do I charge? – I charge £50 per hour. I do offer a concession for counselling students and those on lower income. Spaces are limited, however please discuss this when making contact.

Do you accept Insurance – Yes, I will accept any insurance provider and am currently set up to accept clients on AXA.