Depression & Anxiety Therapy for Adults, Teens and Couples in Exeter, Manchester, Bristol/Bath & London

Therapy for Adults, Teens and Couples

2. Couples Therapy

Couples therapy also referred to as marriage counselling can be the first time a couple has devoted time to the “relationship”.  Many couples find therapy can helps with communication, intimacy, increasing empathy between the couple, resolve conflict and help mediate if a couple decides to split.

What is couples therapy all about? – Couples therapy / marriage counselling is about awareness, psycho-education, clarity and direction. Sometimes a couple may struggle to communicate, manage challenges such as children, finances or job issues.  Couples often use therapy as a way of managing the challenges before they feel insurmountable.  

How will you help us? – My role as a therapist is to facilitate deeper awareness, understanding and empathy  between a couple.  This might come about by providing psycho-education, use of exercises or by simply offering a safe place where couples can learn to express their needs.  My work can be edgy sometimes, however I believe that more healing happens when we push ourselves just to the edge of our window of tolerance.  This is always done with consideration, care, and honesty, with your safety in mind.

Can all relationships be saved? – Simple answer, no.  We live in a real world and I do not believe that all relationships can or should be saved.  Sometimes couples may have already decided that they want to end the relationship but seek therapy to help them through the transition.  This is often helpful where there are children involved.  Another reasons may be to leave their “baggage” behind them.

How many sessions will we need? – The number of sessions will depend on the various factors, such as how long the issues have been going on, the level of commitment and willingness from each partner, ability to engage and process what is discussed in sessions, and of course financial resources.  Most couples will benefit from between 6-12 sessions but the penny may drop in as little as one.  If you have concerns around this please discuss them early on. 

My partner cheated on me.  Can you help with this? – Infidelity is a painful occurrence in any relationship.  Relationships can survive and often flourish following one partner cheating.  It can heighten the awareness of what is happening for each partner and what lead to the occurrence and a new start can take place.  Not all relationships will survive infidelity and therapy can help manage the trauma following it.  

How much do I charge? – I charge £50 per hour.  I do offer a concession for students and those on lower income.  Spaces are limited, however please discuss this when making contact.

Recommended viewing – I take inspiration from various sources, however I often return to Esther Perel, Belgium Psychotherapist.  Esther can be viewed on YouTube. Please see my resources page for various worksheets, which you may find informative and highly helpful.