Exeter Practice Location: Near Science Park
Sowton Village Anxiety/Depression Counselling Service in Exeter Devon 

Therapy for Adults, Teens and Couples

3. Teen Therapy

I work with teens in two arenas, private practice and volunteer work at St Luke’s Science and Sports College.  If your child is struggling with relationships, confidence, self-harming, divorced, family issues, terrible teen’s (vs terrible 2’s), sexual orientation or gender identity issues, I am able to work with them in my private practice in Pinhoe or at St Luke’s (during school hours) by prior arrangement with the Safeguarding Team.  If you are concerned for the safety of your teen, i.e. feel they are at risk of harming themselves or others please consult their GP immediately.  

Teen Therapy – Teens seem to have the same struggles as always, but with added complexities that just didn’t exist years ago.  Families are evolving and society is changing, which means that teenagers can have pressures that they just don’t know how to manage in a healthy and safe way.  

Confidence – Teenagers have always struggled with feeling confident, however with factors such as larger schools, higher expectations, more single-parent families, teens may struggle to overcome feelings of low self esteem.  

Change in mood – Teens who were once bubbly and outgoing can hit a spot in adolescence where they experience a down shift in mood.  This can often mean that they are no longer socialising as much, staying in their room more than usual, more argumentative and generally not the teen you once knew.  

Self-harming – It is a sad fact, however the incidences of self-harming have risen and most teenagers know someone who self harm or have self harmed themselves.  Isolation, less ways to express themselves, frustrations etc can lead to emotions being bottled up and dealt with in this negative and unhealthy manner.  Additional support can be beneficial and I recommend such support teams as Childline, who can speak to teens in confidence. 

Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity concerns – Teens experience questions about issues such as who they are attracted to or how they identify themselves.  If this is something that your teen is questioning, counselling is helpful in the process.  It is not there to persuade or change the teens mind, but to assist them with exploring their thoughts, pressures from outside or any rejection them may feel from others.  Teens benefit from support from such organisations as X-Plore and Intercom Trust. Unresolved questions for teens around sexual orientation or gender identity can sometimes lead to shame.  I aim to work with teens to get to the truth of how they feel and think rather than shaming or trying to change them.

Does it mean I am failing as a parent if my teen needs counselling? – By all means NO.  Parenting is difficult and as parents, it is harder to be objective. 

How much do I charge? – I charge £30 per hour privately or I also see teens at St. Luke’s High School during school hours at no charge. If your teen goes to St Luke’s please contact the Safeguarding Team to see if I have any available spaces.  Theres usually a short wait, but far less than CAMHS.