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Coping Skills – An Anxiety Workshop for Teens

teen anxietyThis is a 4 week workshop to help teens with anxiety & panic attacks. We will explore coping skills such as Grounding Techniques, Cognitive Distortions and learn breathing techniques all to help reduced anxiety levels.  

Teens have a lot to contend with today, now more than ever.  Teens today are faced with such challenges as:

  • being pushed harder to achieve higher grades,
  • group dynamics are shifting to larger (gang like) groups,
  • child sexual abuse has risen 57% in the past 5 years (NSPCC)
  • body image and social media
  • pressure to use alcohol and/or drugs
  • 40% of young people were bullied in the past 12 months, online and off  (ABA)
  • lockdown restrictions
  • homeschooling
  • sexual exploration

As a result of the above it is no wonder that teenagers today are more anxious than ever.  These are just a few of the challenges that teens face today so it is no wonder if teenagers are struggling  with anxiety or depression.

This workshop is an easy going – slow paced way of learning new ways of coping with anxious feelings and thoughts.  While this is a serious topic, it will be delivered in a light hearted and friendly way.

Weekly sessions will be held via Zoom (Free downloadable secure platform)

Each week we will talk about different aspects of anxiety. In this anxiety workshop for teens we will learn new coping skills.

Learning objectives:

Week 1 – Explore and increase understanding of:

  • What is Anxiety?
  • What are Panic Attacks?
  • Practice Grounding Techniques to help reduce anxiety

Week 2 – Explore and increase understanding of:

  • Practice Grounding Techniques to help reduce anxiety
  • Healthy vs Unhealthy Coping Strategies

Week 3 – Explore and increase understanding of:

  • Practice Grounding Techniques to help reduce anxiety
  • Challenging Anxious Thoughts
Week 4 – Explore and increase understanding of:
  • Practice Grounding Techniques to help reduce anxiety
  • Decatastrophising – Looking at Cognitive Distortions

Each week will consist of a combination of grounding & relaxation technique, followed by a short worksheet & discussion about the worksheet.  There will be a chance for attendees to share their experiences and participate in open discussions. 

Firstly, this will give participants a chance to practice being more in control of their emotional state.  Secondly, they will be given a chance to socialise in a safe and friendly environment, while discussing real and meaningful topics.  

At the end of the 4 1-hour long workshops, your teen will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion on completion.  Click here for an example.

Prerequisites to attending:
  • Aged 13-17
  • Computer with video capabilities
  • A private space
  • Be available to attend all 4 sessions
  • Be willing to share in a small open group (max of 4 teens in one group)
  • Able to respect the privacy of others within the group and show respect
Not suitable for those:
  • Aged 18+ (to avoid mixing under/over 18)
  • Causing serious harm to self or others
  • Suffering from Psychosis or Delusional thoughts
By the end of the workshop we will have talked about different aspects of anxiety. This anxiety workshop for teens is tailored to deliver basic coping skills to help your teen with their anxious feelings.

If you think your teenager would benefit from this workshop get in touch via my contact page by clicking here.