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About Me

My name is Renee Norris. I trained with Worcester University in Counselling.  I am passionate about helping clients to improve their relationships, mental health and general well-being. I work with individuals and teenagers on a 1-2-1 basis and couples.

When I researched therapeutic approaches I settled on the two afore-mentioned for what they both had to offer clients. Counselling helps clients with self-understanding and self-acceptance by targeting the conscious experiences such as thoughts, feelings, while Hypnotherapy focuses more on the unconscious mind. Attack from both sides, what a good idea, right?  

My primary training has been in Integrative Counselling, where I obtained an FdA in Integrative Counselling through Worcester University. Before Counselling I trained to a Diploma level in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with the prestigious Clifton Practice in Bristol. Every year I undertake additional professional development training. Please see the list below for details of the additional training I have undertaken.  

When I am not working I enjoy a variety of interest and hobbies;

  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • Guitar playing
  • Collecting books and reading
  • Volunteering
  • Local politics
  • French and Scandanavian cinema

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Additional Training 

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